Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Luxury Yacht for Your Party



If you are planning a party soon and happen to be in Dubai at the same time, this is your chance to throw a party and experience the thrill of it on a luxury charter yacht. Dubai is one of the most preferred regions by tourists internationally.

While not everyone can afford to buy private yachts for organizing parties and get-togethers, the price of a rental yacht cruise in Dubai is something you can desire and get your hands on it.

Charter yachts is on top of the list for many travel freaks, especially when they dream of throwing an enticing party for friends and family. But the only dilemma is to find out which ones are worth your time and which one is just not the right option. Before you explore the price of a yacht tour in Dubai or organize any sort of event, ensure to ask these seven questions to filter out the best possible.


Accommodating The Number Of Guests● Jumeirah Beach Residence● Dubai Airport● Dubai International Motor Show● Downtown Dubai● City Walk Dubai● Gulf Car Festival

Accommodating The Number Of Guests
The Jumeirah Beach Residence is considered one of the richest neighborhoods in Dubai. A casual visit is bound to make you play guest at one of the chic cafes and go shopping. You are bound to stumble upon the JBR walk post this. This the place that was chosen for the exotic mechanical beasts to unleash their power. There is a good chance that you can see a supercar on any day during the week. But to improve your chances significantly be sure to be there during the weekends. You are most likely to see a Ferrari or a Bugatti among the others.


2. Dubai Airport

Yes, you read that right. The Dubai Airport is not only home to mechanical birds but also the beasts that conquer the road. The cars showcased here are not something you might see every day. Adding to the delight, you might just be able to take one on display home if you win the lottery. you are sure to see the supercars parked even at the parking and valet area.


3. Dubai International Motor Show

The famous event showcases highly expensive cars every two years. Hosted for the delight of car manufacturers, tuning companies and other companies in the related industry. All major supercars right from BMWs to Jaguars to Land Rovers and even Porsches are all displayed under the same roof. The show is regularly conducted in the month of November at the WorldTrade Center in Dubai. So be sure to plan your vacation accordingly so that you don’t miss this grand event!


4. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the area in Dubai that you will never miss out on. It is here that Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world stands tall. Additionally, you can also see multiple 7-star hotels and penthouses gracefully perched to welcome their guests and owners. These ultra-rich guests and owners also tend to bring along their luxury cars everywhere they go especially during the weekends. It is popular that the car owners don’t mind the attention and okay with people taking pictures of their prized possessions. So make sure to explore Downtown Dubai on a Friday or Saturday to make sure you get to take home many souvenirs and pictures.


5. City Walk Dubai

This place is the designated ramp for the luxury cars that roam the city. You look out one of the cafes or the brand stores while shopping you are sure to spot one. The parking lots here are huge and filled with these fancy cars. The car owners again don’t mind the attention and love to flaunt their cars.


6. Gulf Car Festival

The Gulf Car Festival is where drifting, burnouts, and anti lag can be seen and are heavily encouraged. But all this very safe as it conducted in a very controlled environment. These traditions started once the event was moved to the Festival city and nobody looked back ever since. The festival is celebrated across 3 days and each day has its own theme. Alongside the display of cars, the skills of local drivers are put out there for the audience to see and bask in the glory. All famous car brands make an appearance here and never fail to impress.


So, these are the top 6 places in Dubai to see Supercars in action! Ready to explore Dubai and drive your own supercar? 



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