UD Ibiza vs FC Barcelona in 2019-2020 Copa del Rey football tournament

UD Ibiza vs FC Barcelona in 2019-2020 Copa del Rey football tournament

Notable football match: UD Ibiza versus FC Barcelona

In a stunning declaration, the strong FC Barcelona will play its most memorable game under new mentor Quique Setien against UD Ibiza at the Can Misses Arena one week from now in the Copa Del Rey. As indicated by UD yacht rental Ibiza Twitter account, the date and time are presently affirmed, with the memorable match set to start off at 19.00 on Jan 22nd, 2020.

New open doors for Spanish regionals

This year, without precedent for history, the Copa del Rey has invited provincial groups. Twenty humble provincial clubs were given a spot in the starter round, with ten (who endure the fundamentals) sufficiently fortunate to be clashing with top proficient clubs.

The Copa del Rey (Lord's Cup) is gigantic in Spain. Brought into the world in 1902, its complete name is, "Campeonato de España - Copa de Su Majestad el Rey" signifying "Title of Spain - Cup of His Highness the Lord."

FC Barcelona: lords of the Rulers Cup

It won't really help UD Ibiza's pre-match butterflies definitely to take note of that Barcelona FC has won this opposition the most times, with thirty titles and 41 Copa del Rey last debuts added to their repertoire. UD Ibiza, then again, is yet to show up in the competition. As a matter of fact, in its current manifestation, the group was conceived as of late (2015) and sports a simple 4-year history. As per the groups' true site, they're currently in third spot in the Spanish third division with 37 places.

David versus Goliath comes into view.

In spite of Barcelona's monstrous ability in the Copa Del Rey, the 2018-19 release of the opposition saw their series of wins reach a conclusion after Valencia shocked themselves (and almost every other person) with a 2-1 win in additional time. Might UD yacht rental Ibiza at any point be in with an opportunity, but minuscule, to win?

Indeed, more bizarre things have occurred adrift, m'hearties!

Here is the ID Ibiza group, nailing their last instructional course before the Copa Del Rey.

Colossal development

The opposition has developed tremendously since the good 'ol days. The main Copa del Rey title was played by only three groups, while the latest was played by 84 sides. Furthermore, this year, the Imperial Spanish Football Organization (RFEF) pursued a choice to incorporate more groups and give the competition a makeover.

The 2019-20 version of this competition will highlight something like 110 groups making a play for the title. The competition started on November 13, 2019, with the last set to be played on April 18, 2020 (unbiased scene to be affirmed). The victor of this opposition will procure a spot in the 2020-21 UEFA Europa Association.

2019-20 Copa del Rey dates

Fundamental round (local groups) - November 13, 2019.

First-round (Proficient groups + getting through local groups) - December 18, 2019.

Second-round - January 12, 2020.

Round of 32 - January 22, 2020.

Round of 16 - January 29, 2020.

Quarter-finals - February 5, 2020.

Semi-finals - first leg: February 12, 2020. second leg: Walk 4, 2020.

Last match: April 18, 2020.

The Boats Ibiza group are trusting that fresh insight about how might get tickets for the match - Twitter guarantees news will come soon so watch this space! Bombing that, we'll be stuck to our screens on January 22nd, supporting the fellows, imploring Tanit and expecting a supernatural occurrence! All things considered, this is yacht rental Ibiza and anything can occur, correct? 😉