Treasures of the Posidonia | seahorse conservation in Ibiza

Treasures of the Posidonia | seahorse conservation in Ibiza

As of recently, seahorses were a typical and much-cherished sight in the waters of yacht in Ibiza. [Editor's note: affirmed. I saw them myself, a long time back, while scuba-jumping (consciously) off the bank of Ibiza]. These days, tragically, they are interesting to such an extent that they are viewed as an undermined animal varieties by the Global Association for Preservation of Nature. Seahorse preservation in Ibiza has become significant.

How in the world might this misfortune at some point have occurred?

Indeed, albeit the reason isn't known, seahorses' endurance relies upon the safeguarding of the Posidonia seagrass. The Posidonia is one of the most established and biggest living substances on earth which keeps on developing among Ibiza and Formentera. Also, for this reason we beat on about why it is so essentially vital that boats NEVER anchor over those old, marine knolls.

Seahorse protection in Ibiza

So when Boats Ibiza HQ learned of a task to raise Ibiza seahorses in aquariums and afterward once again introduce them to their common habitat, there was a lot celebrating. The undertaking was presented last year by scientist Manu San Felix. Known as "Posidonia Knolls, the Living space of the Seahorse," his point is to add to the recuperation of this imperiled species in the waters of Ibiza and Formentera. The goal is to raise child seahorses in imprisonment and afterward re-populate painstakingly designated regions. What's more, the best fresh insight about everything is that the main infants have now been conceived!

Excited help

The drive, which has the help of the Balearic Government, was taken on by the Vellmari Jumping Center in Formentera. They set up the principal establishment for seahorse rearing in aquariums with broad observing. The work must be fastidious with regards to controlling the temperature of the water, its substance sythesis and sort of food given. As the undertaking started off, more help and sponsorship was gotten from different foundations, including the Establishment for Protection Ibiza and Formentera and Label Heuer watches. This has made it conceivable to purchase display and rearing aquariums on both Ibiza and Formentera.

Seahorse spotting drive just around the corner

The coordinators are sharp for individuals of Ibiza and Formentera to reach out. The Middle for Marine Species Recuperation (CREM) in San Antonio has been integrated into the venture so that schools can find out about the rearing system of seahorses and the work engaged with reproducing and delivering hostage seahorses. Simultaneously, an interchanges mission will be sent off by which on the off chance that individuals spot a seahorse, they can contact Vellmari with the date and spot of locating. Like that, a guide will be made open to general society, showing the genuine state of the Ibiza seahorse populace and its development after some time. More news about this as we catch wind of it.

A most wonderful drive for sure, and one that we here at Boats Ibiza HQ extol with relish.