Top tips for stress-free travel to Ibiza | car hire, UK airport parking and local transport

Top tips for stress-free travel to Ibiza | car hire, UK airport parking and local transport

The Boats Ibiza group address large number of guests consistently, as we put together their Ibiza yacht rental contracts and boat enlist. From the tales we've heard, travel to and around Ibiza itself can be somewhat of a female horse on the off chance that it's new. From eye-wateringly costly air terminal stopping bills at the takeoff side, to disarray about how best to get to your vacation convenience on the appearance side, there are entanglements and stresses that can without much of a stretch be stayed away from. To be sure, only a couple of pieces of data can have a significant effect for calm travel to Ibiza.

Having ventured out to and from Ibiza many times altogether, we asked the whole Boats Ibiza group for their top tips to ensure your movement to Ibiza is as peaceful as could be expected. The following are a couple of pearls of shrewdness to assist you with setting aside time and cash.

Book your air terminal stopping ahead of time

So natural to neglect to do when you're caught up with arranging and coordinating, yet a darn fine thought in the event that you need a decent, loosened up start to your Ibiza yacht rental occasion. Nobody needs to spend ages cruising all over attempting to find a parking spot an hour prior to take-off. Nor eye-watering air terminal stopping bills.

The Boats Ibiza group suggest consolidator organizations, for example, Sky Park Secure, who make pre-booking your UK air terminal stopping super-simple. They are an all inclusive resource who look at the costs of all close by stopping choices and track down the best arrangements for you, frequently for a portion of the typical air terminal stopping charges.

As well as the true serenity of having your vehicle leave space got ahead of time, pre-booking with a consolidator could save you up to an incredible 60% off the door cost.

Easy decision.

Ibiza Vehicle Recruit

Employing a vehicle is smart as it gives you the opportunity to investigate the wonderful island of Ibiza and the comfort of getting the vehicle quickly on appearance completely. You have wheels! All things considered, driving on new streets can be a significant wellspring of stress.

The following are a couple of pointers to remember.

Actually take a look at everything

We realize you're quick to kick your vacation off, however take time while getting your recruit vehicle to painstakingly look at the vehicle. Note each imprint, regardless of how irrelevant on the really take a look at sheet. Those couple of moments could save you tons of problem assuming there are any errors when you take the vehicle back. It's likewise really smart to take photographs of the boards, wheels, lights, guards and so forth and get an individual from staff to sign to affirm there has been no harm to the vehicle.

Save €€€s on fuel

Picking a full take up to full exit gas tank understanding will save likewise save you €€€'s on your vehicle recruit, subsequently staying away from the costly 'dealing with expenses' charged via vehicle employ organizations to top the tank off for you on the recruit vehicle's return. Stay away from full to exhaust arrangements, say the Boats Ibiza Adventurers! We suggest supportive, bilingual Hiper Vehicle Rental consequently and numerous others.

Remain safe and lawful

Ensure you have your vehicle rental records, visa and driving permit with you consistently. Safety belts are obligatory. You will be fined on the spot in the event that the police track down any traveler not wearing one. Youngsters under 12 should go toward the rear of the vehicle. Little ones should be in a youngster seat or pushchair.

Right, not left!

Keep in mind, we drive on the right-hand roadside here m'hearties! Traffic on traffic circles has need from the left. At intersection and intersections, you give way to one side.

Blue narrows

While stopping in towns, pay special attention to the blue zones, as this implies you need to pay. Traffic superintendents in Ibiza yacht rental are passionate, no doubt, and nobody needs a ticket, correct? Ordinarily, during 14.00 and 16.00 hrs stopping is free. Likewise after 22.00 hrs and on Sundays and parties. Continuously check the subtleties on the stopping machine, however, as these can change.

Street signs

In spite of the fact that Ibiza is important for Spain, the island is bilingual. The nearby language is Ibicenco, an unmistakable lingo of Catalan and you'll find all the street signs are named in this language. So Ibiza Town is Eivissa. San Antonio is San Antoni de Portmany. St Nick Agnes is Santa Clause Ines. San José is san Josep and San Juan is San Joan. Convenient to be aware!

Get an authorized taxi

There is a gigantic taxi rank at Ibiza air terminal so you ought to have no issue getting a taxi to your retreat. In any case, during top season, the air terminal is absurdly occupied so once in a while lines can develop.

On the off chance that you can hardly hold on to kick your vacation off and are enticed to jump in an unlicensed taxi, our recommendation is this.


It's simply not worth the effort. These vehicles are not guaranteed and are absolutely unlawful. The police are currently cinching down extremely severe with them and in the event that you are trapped in one, you by and by could confront a fine.

A possibly distressing beginning to your vacation that is effortlessly kept away from by a short pause and a touch of persistence.

Jump on an air terminal transport

Somewhat further to one side from the taxi rank as you face the structure, you will find the air terminal's bus station.

Clearly, a lot less expensive travel choice in the event that you're not ladened up with lots of baggage and are remaining some place pretty focal. The transports are agreeable and cooled. Goodness yes!

There are three courses accessible from here with customary help during top season.