Top 5 Ibiza locations to visit by boat

Top 5 Ibiza locations to visit by boat

After more than 10 years in the boat rental business, the Boats yacht rental Ibiza group know every last bit of that shimmering, daylight doused Balearic shoreline. We've taken a huge number of pleased visitors to see with their own eyes the excellence of Ibiza and Formentera (with a lot of in transit sunbathing and playing in the ocean obviously!)

There are such countless staggering little hiding spots around the islands that it's a difficult decision picking only five. Particularly since two or three our favs, for example, Portixól are so all around stowed away, they're fairly very much stayed quiet and assuming we informed you a lot concerning them, this article would fall to pieces. Such sea shores should just be seen and never talked about… 😉

So after much mmm-ing and ahhh-ing, we've at long last trimmed it down. Here are our five authority most loved courses and areas:

5. The Ibiza south-east coast and Blue Marlin

Ideal for trips from Ibiza Town, this wonderful course takes you previous notable Dalt Manor, Figueretas, exuberant Playa lair Bossa, Es Cavallet, Salinas, Es Codolar and Sa Caleta. It's a totally staggering outing. Numerous visitors exploit our cool water toys, playing on the water prior to showing up, gleaming with imperativeness at delightful, glitzy Blue Marlin.

Wharf at Blue Marlin

4. The Ibiza north-west coast - Cala Gracio/Gracioneta, Cala Salada/Saladita and Benirras

Ideal for trips from the San Antonio Marina, this course takes you by probably the prettiest sea shores on the island. Point of fact the most ideal decision for Sunday trips when you can hear the notorious yacht rental Ibiza drummers on Cala Benirras celebrating dusk with their entrancing rhythms. A flat out Ibiza exemplary.

3. The Ibiza west coast - Cala Conta, Cala Tarida, Cala Bassa

These three sea shores are the top choices of numerous Ibiza inhabitants and are genuinely great for the individuals who love photography. The surprising magnificence of the emotional orange rocks and bluffs diverged from the emerald green of the pine trees and the energetic blue of the Balearic Ocean consolidate for amazing photographs. Ideal assuming you're leaving from the marina at San Antonio and you need to complete your excursion with a notorious dusk outside Bistro del Blemish or Bistro Mambo.

2. The Ibiza south-west coast - Es Vedra and Atlantis

Ibiza's most well known rock (displayed on our cover photograph) is covered in secret and legend. It's said that Es Vedra is the third most attractive put on earth after the north and south poles. Throughout the long term, it's been the area for endless UFO sightings and reports of uncommon lights overhead. Confronting Es Vedra is Atlantis. It's where the stone was quarried to assemble the walled city of Dalt Vila hundreds of years prior. In spite of the fact that Atlantis isn't an ocean side, it's a convincing objective. Its weird scene, said by a larger number of people to look like the moon, is undeniably challenging to access via land. Be that as it may, its delightful tidal pond, secretive carvings and amazingly clear waters are entirely available by boat. Atlantis is additionally acclaimed for being the hallowed spot where the antiquated Carthaginians left gifts for their defender goddess, Tanit. Ideal for swimming and those intrigued by Ibiza's rich history.

1. Formentera

The outing from yacht rental Ibiza to Formentera is absolutely staggering. Cruising toward the south along the east shoreline of Ibiza, you'll be captivated by the extraordinary shades of the ocean, going from the most profound blue to the most transparent turquoise. Swimming is a fantasy here and it's not difficult to sluggishly abide the hours from the solace of your boat, watching the wonderful individuals dance on their sparkling yachts, tasting a cool beverage, maybe visiting Juan y Andreas incredible café for a Paella lunch, mmm… add peaceful, charming sea shores with powder-fine white sand and it's true - Formentera is really a heaven island. An incredible decision for the magnificently loosened up day of your fantasies and ideal for those searching for a delectably heartfelt excursion.