Nominate a neighbour for a FREE Ibiza sunset charter + big discounts for residents

Nominate a neighbour for a FREE Ibiza sunset charter + big discounts for residents

We've quite recently been given the go-ahead to really get started for this profoundly uncommon 2020 yacht rental Ibiza summer season, dear shipmates.


We're so glad to have the option to get back out to the ocean and spread our wings a little. We Realize you understand what we mean. What's more, while it very well may be some time before our worldwide guests can make it over, we realize there are an entire stack of cooped up society here on the White Isle, at this moment.

We figure a decent sound portion of new ocean air and feeling the wild bit of the components could be the best counteractant to long stretches of limitations, yet important ones, upon our opportunities.

Boat rental costs sliced for Ibiza occupants

We know essentially everybody's endured a monetary shot in view of the worldwide lockdown. So we've given our very best for diminish our costs for island occupants and make an impressive boat trip as reasonable as could be expected.

First off, we've felt free to cleave a major piece off the typical cost of our 49′ Sunseeker Portofino on last-minute bookings* for occupants, all through the whole month of June, 2020.

This is what daily on the Portofino resembles.

You can look at more photographs, data and specs by clicking here.

How much?

Entire day recruit

Common sanction cost with 1 hr fuel = €1630 + IVA

The cut-cost occupants bargain for somewhat late appointments for an entire day in June is simply €1200 + IVA, completely comprehensive of fuel and beverages.

Morning or dusk enlist

Common sanction cost with 1 hr fuel = €822 + IVA

The cut-cost occupants bargain for somewhat late appointments for a morning or nightfall in June is simply €725 + IVA, completely comprehensive of fuel and beverages.

At 75% limit, the 49′ Sunseeker Portofino is currently permitted to take out 9 visitors, in addition to Commander.

In any case, pause!

Before you rush off to take a gander at wonderful pics of the boat, we'd super cherish you to require a moment to…

Designate a neighbor for a FREE yacht rental Ibiza dusk sanction

Ibiza nightfall contract

We welcome you to designate a nearby Ibiza inhabitant who you think merits a lavish Ibiza dusk sanction.

Maybe somebody who has been really steady all through the lockdown. Or on the other hand somebody who has had an especially difficult time and could be beneficial boaty cheer. Or on the other hand a fundamental laborer, who merits an exceptional treat. We need to hear your anecdotes about the amazing society here in our own special local area.

Toward the finish of June, we'll place that large number of selections in a cap and pick a champ. That victor and 5 visitors of their decision will be taken on a confidential nightfall voyage on our 49′ Sunseeker Portofino at some point during September or October, totally for nothing. We'll try and supply free cava, wine, brew and soda pops, oo aar!

1,000 stories of consideration

We accept that behind each emergency, there are 1,000 stories of consideration and grit. What's more, the demonstration of designating a companion or neighbor for a unique gift is the sort of local area vivacious motion that has made Ibiza quite possibly of the most secure spot on the planet to be at the present time. Paying special attention to one another has been one superb pattern to have risen up out of these stressing times.

Also, long may it proceed.

We're pleased with our local area, for the long, patient stand by at home and the incalculable thoughtful gestures we've caught wind of on the Ibiza grapevine.

So if it's not too much trouble, make your assignments! Who might you like us to gift a nightfall contract to this season and why?

How it's done: 3 straightforward advances

1. Label your yacht rental Ibiza nominee(s) in the remarks of whichever virtual entertainment channel you viewed this as post on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn). Or on the other hand here in the remarks underneath this blog entry, alongside several sentences making sense of why you're designating this individual (or gathering of up to 4 individuals) for a very extraordinary treat.

2. Add the hashtag #ibizalockdownheroes toward the finish of your remark.

3. Presently share the adoration (and the post!) to allow others an opportunity to make their own designations.

What's more, blast, very much like that, we show the world a different side of Ibiza. Kind deeds. Solid people group soul. Strength. While showing somebody who merits it a rockin' great time.

Terms and Conditions

You don't need to live in Ibiza to choose somebody, however the individual who is selected should be a completely recorded, all year Ibiza occupant.

You can label an individual, or a couple, or a gathering (up to 4 individuals most extreme in any gathering selection).

No individuals from Boats yacht rental Ibiza staff or family members of staff might name or be assigned.

The champ gets a free nightfall sanction on one of our Sunseeker yachts. Free beverages included.

The winner(s) can welcome up to an additional 5 visitors of their decision.

Boats Ibiza the board will pick a victor. Their choice is conclusive and non-debatable.

The award isn't adaptable.

The sanction should be taken on a concurred date during September or October 2020.

Dates subject to accessibility.

There is no money elective.

Regular Boats Ibiza agreements apply.

Passage into this prize draw expects acknowledgment of these terms.