Ibiza sunset cruise & James Hill business consultation | competition winner!

Ibiza sunset cruise & James Hill business consultation | competition winner!

Two or three weeks prior we held a contest to win an yacht rental Ibiza nightfall voyage for the champ and up to x 8 companions, alongside a private concern conference with fruitful, unique youthful finance manager James Slope, BBC Youthful Business visionary and victor of VIP Elder sibling. You can peruse the first article here.

We need to thank each and every individual who wrote in with their business thoughts and inquiries for James. It was a difficult choice to pick the best section, however after cautious thought, we're really glad to declare the champ: Megan Ferguson!

We cherished Megan's entrance since she conveyed her enthusiasm for her business thought, had previously contemplated how she could start to set it up and the way that she's as of now contributing everybody's most valuable ware - time - by examining to get it going. Great Megan, we wish you each achievement!

Here is Megan's triumphant passage:

"I couldn't want anything more than to run my own cake shop, it's just a far off dream right now, yet for me baking cakes is something I love doing. I'd very much want to get going making more modest cakes and birthday occasions, then stir up to bigger occasions, and perhaps weddings. Im concentrating on proficient cookery at school, so as I said this is a far off future thought.

Three inquiries for James:

1. When you were a kid, what was it that you need to be the point at which you grew up?

2. In the event that you could execute any business thought you have at any point had what might it be?

3. Where on earth could be your number one spot to reside?"

We will currently contact Megan, put her in contact with James Slope to sort out her visit with him and find out when she might want to guarantee her dusk journey on board a lively Rinker Bowrider Speed boat with Boats yacht rental Ibiza, whoopee! Anybody considering what James and his companions from the cast of Adoration Island got up to when they emerged with us to Formentera on our 60ft Sunseeker Hunter can find out about it here 😉