Formentera guide 2022 | climate, sea shores, boats and cool activities

Formentera guide 2022 | climate, sea shores, boats and cool activities

Ibiza yacht rental to Formentera is without a doubt our most famous yacht contract course, many years. This little, however wonderfully framed island brags a few the world's prettiest sea shores.


So in the wake of accepting your many inquiries, including:

"How is Formentera?"

"Which sea shores might we at any point visit?"

"How's the climate?"

"Where could we at any point go for lunch?"

"What are the best things to see and do?"

The Boats Ibiza bloggers (we've been more than once… ) crouched together, pooled our insight and created this dense aide for you!

So whether you're visiting Formentera on an extravagance Ibiza yacht rental sanction or nipping over on the ship…

Here's beginning and end you might actually need to be aware of this stunningly gorgeous little island 🙂

Climate in Formentera

As the southernmost island of the archipelago, Formentera partakes in the mildest environment of the multitude of Balearic Islands.

As anyone might expect, the most sizzling season on Formentera is summer.

From June to mid-September, the days are hot and radiant with very little precipitation. However, despite the fact that the highs can at times arrive at 35C in July and August, a pleasant steady ocean breeze (particularly assuming you're out on a boat) keeps the air feeling new.

Harvest time for the most part gets going enjoyably warm with a lot of daylight during the day. You can anticipate a couple of long periods of downpour all through September and October. When November rolls around, the temperatures are beginning to drop. All things considered, steady daylight and temperatures floating around the 20C imprint actually make for a superb day.

climate in formentera

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Winter in Formentera is a genuine mixed bag of weather patterns. Splendid, radiant days substitute with blustery periods and solid breezes. When the sun sets, the temperature decreases decisively getting cold evenings as low as 3C. December through to February sees even occupants cuddled up before a thundering fire.

Spring is for the most part very gentle yet it tends to be somewhat erratic, particularly during Spring and early April. We're talking periodic stormy days with wind and crisp evenings. Warm daylight turns into the standard from mid-April/May and temperatures begin to ascend towards the 20C imprint once more.


Formentera's ocean

Formentera's ocean is, honestly, unmatched with regards to clear, transparent, sparklingly turquoise waters.

Formentera turquoise ocean

This is thanks to the presence of the biggest area of Posidonia Oceanica in the Mediterranean Ocean.

At 100,000 years old, this mind boggling seagrass is the most seasoned living being in the whole world and was proclaimed an UNESCO World Legacy site in 1999.

Going about as a characteristic purifier, the Posidonia delivers a lot of oxygen that are critical to the endurance of green growth, wipes and fish. Simultaneously, it permits the best sand through, which sanitizes the water by holding the silt.

In that capacity, and properly, severe guidelines are set up for mooring yachts and boats to forestall crumbling of this enormously significant asset.

The extraordinary variety of marine life in the warm and get waters free from Formentera make it the ideal climate for swimming and plunging.

Truth be told, on the off chance that you honestly love any sort of watersports, Formentera will be what you would call paradise. There is a gigantic assortment of exercises to browse. Windsurfing, kite-surfing, water-skiing and kayaking being among the most well known.

Look at our watersports page for considerably more fun in the ocean data.

Ps: On the off chance that you're on a boat, get some information about the secret cavern jump (not for the timid).

Getting around

Having no air terminal, Formentera must be reached by boat from Ibiza.

What's more… (our snapshot of greatness)

We can assist with that! 😉

There isn't anything very like employing a boat for the day with your favs and cruising off from Ibiza yacht rental to Formentera, paying attention to cool tunes and having a flat out ball. From €120 per head when the cost is parted between the gathering, it's absolutely reasonable as well.

Saying this doesn't imply that you can't sprinkle out somewhat more and recruit a Sunseeker yacht!

Formentera on our 47ft Sunseeker Portofino for enlist with Boats Ibiza

Look at our main 12 boat bargains (ps: they all incorporate a free bar).

Be that as it may, assuming you're on limited spending plan…

There is an extremely customary ship administration from the Port of Ibiza Town and throughout the late spring seasons, intersections are at regular intervals.

Ship administrators of specific note are Balearia, Trasmapi and Mediterraneapitiusa. Neighborhood Ibiza family-run organization Aquabus Ship Boats likewise run a customary, all year Ibiza to Formentera administration.

When there, you'll track down a few choices for getting around. In La Savina Port there are loads of transport rental organizations. Cycling is especially famous on Formentera because of the island being primarily level. Be that as it may, you can likewise recruit vehicles, motorbikes, quads and electric vehicles.

Another choice is to join an outing. There is a vacationer transport administration that will take you around to the very best spots with three courses to browse. Bother free and unwinding. Simply the manner in which we like it!

A less expensive option is bounce on a public transport. They go to a significant number of similar sea shores as the vacationer transport yet the stops are at a further distance so you'd have a touch of strolling to do once you land to get to the real ocean side.

Formentera towns and spots of note

San Fernando

San Fernando, or to give it its true name, Sant Ferran de ses Roques, is the most halfway situated of Formentera's towns and an extraordinary base from which to investigate the island.

Here you will track down a drowsy, easygoing, hippy sort of environment but the town is still exceptionally useful with banks, a mailing station, Web bistro and a wide assortment of bars and eateries. These incorporate the incredible hippy hang-out, La Fonda Pepe bar where Weave Dylan is said to have spent numerous 60 minutes.

San Francisco

Formentera's capital and focus of organization, San Francisco, is the biggest town on Formentera.

Sant Francesc Xavier is situated around 3 km from La Savina Port. In the middle stands the town's braced church. While initially a 'palace' worked in the tenth hundred years, the first structure was obliterated. Revamped during the eighteenth hundred years, the congregation filled in as a fortification against privateer strikes (oo aar) where the occupants hid inside those 2-meter thick walls.

Formentera's Municipal center is situated in the town's fundamental square and it is here that a significant number of the island's celebrations and significant occasions are commended. Fixed with bistros, shops and bars, San Francisco has a beautiful clamoring climate.

Es Caló

Formentera guide 2018

This is an enchanting little fishing town arranged on the south-east tip of Formentera confronting northwards.

Settled at the foot of El Pilar de la Mola, Es Caló has a lovely, horse-shoe formed sound dabbed with customary, provincial anglers' boat shelters.

There are only a couple of shops and cafés here, including a harbor-side eatery bragging extraordinary perspectives the ocean and from where stupendous dusks can be delighted in.

El Pilar de la Mola

The town of El Pilar de la Mola is arranged at the most noteworthy geological mark of Formentera.

While it is one of the island's calmest spots with not many shops and eateries, its fundamental attractions are the bluff edge beacon and, from this higher vantage point, the most terrific, stunning perspectives on Formentera you might at any point envision.

Formentera beacon

La Savina

La Savina is Formentera's functioning port and the very door to the island.

Ever well known with the yacht crew, La Savina flaunts an elite nautical climate which actually figures out how to keep up with the novel person of a nearby fishing port.

Here you will track down numerous customary bistros, bars and eateries, alongside market slows down selling every kind of hand-made relics.

Best puts to go for lunch on Formentera

For such a minuscule island, Formentera flaunts many first class bars, bistros and eateries.

One thing is without a doubt, with regards to gastronomy on Formentera, you will not be stuck for decision.

Coming up next are our best ideas for an extraordinary Formentera lunch.

Juan y Andrea

Laid out in 1971, Juan y Andrea is something of an establishment and a firm number one among the yacht-set.

Which is not really shocking thinking about there is zodiac administration to ship visitors direct from yacht to eatery!

Situated on Playa Illetas, Juan y Andrea serves top notch Mediterranean food and fish while flaunting the most unbelievable all encompassing perspectives on the whole Illetas ocean side region.

It's a definitive feast with-your-toes-in-the-sand insight. Furthermore, well known with celebs and eminence, it's not scratch and dent section, women and gentlemen.

Yet, as long as you have a lot of euros in your wallet, Juan y Andrea is the spot to be seen.

Beso Ocean side

Boho-stylish Beso Ocean side can be tracked down in the Parque Normal de Ses Salines.

Here, you can partake in a fascinating combination of Mediterranean and Basque food while taking in the shocking perspectives on Playa Illetas.

Formentera eateries

With a palm-covered rooftop, sandy floor and endured feel, Beso Ocean side has an enchanting natural environment and a beautiful laid-back vibe.

Restaurante Es Calo

Popular for its new fish and continuous perspectives on shimmering, turquoise ocean, Es Calo is the spot to go for imaginative Mediterranean food.

New fish, fish, meat and veggies here give an "drama of flavors, smells, surfaces and sensations."

Es Calo really got a unique notice in the 2017 Michelin guide for their connoisseur take on conventional nearby cooking.

Take a look at Boats Ibiza's own personal survey of this fantastic eatery for to a greater degree a wretched.

Can Dani

Open the entire year, Can Dani was beforehand a Michelin-featured eatery which actually held a unique spot in the 2017 aide.

Rich yet unpretentious, Can Dani takes customary dishes from privately obtained items and joins them with contemporary, current turns. There is no menu accordingly; the restaur