Cala Conta Ibiza | A practical guide to getting there, beaches, dining & more

Cala Conta Ibiza | A practical guide to getting there, beaches, dining & more

Cala Conta, or to give it its true Catalan name, Platges de Comte, is beyond question one of Boats Ibiza's tippity-top areas.

We totally love it.

Our visitors love it.

Furthermore, understandably.

Peruse on to figure out what makes Cala Conta so extraordinary and how to ensure you have the most ideal time there.

Getting to Cala Conta

Cala Conta Ibiza

On the off chance that you pick to head to Cala Conta, you'll find it simply a 15-minute excursion from the town of San Antonio.

In any case, if it's not too much trouble, tune in up. There are a few significant focuses to remember whether you're showing up via car.

As a matter of some importance, there could be as of now not a car leave as such at Cala Conta; all leaving is presently in the sand ridges.

Take a passed on not long before the ocean side and go to where you see the wide range of various cars are left.

Yet, know! Stopping is famously troublesome here with muddled moves galore to challenge even the most skillful of drivers.

Indeed, indeed, we know you're more than adequate at exploring your strategy for getting around, yet not every person is basically as cool as you! Car prangs are normal, as are busted undercarriage.

We say don't consider it in the event that you haven't decided on full protection on your recruit car.

Cala Conta Ibiza

If you would like to keep away from the problem of driving in, you'll be satisfied to hear that there is a customary transport administration from San Antonio.

Yet, by a long shot the coolest method for going to Cala Conta is by boat. Ships leave consistently from the harbor in San Antonio, making stops at different lodgings along the Straight while heading to Cala Conta.

Even better, why not sanction your own personal boat?

It could at first sound like an excess, yet we figure you'll be charmingly astounded at exactly how reasonable boat rental in Ibiza can be. Particularly in the event that there's a lot of you and you can part the expense with your bezzies.

Cala Conta Ibiza Medina

No gridlocks.

No horrible stopping.

No dragging your ocean side kind of thing around in the intense intensity.

No arranging your direction through a packed ocean side.

Simply make a stop and partake in the energy and the perspectives in complete unwinding and extravagance.


Cala Conta Ocean side

Considered by a lot of people to be quite possibly of Ibiza's best ocean side, Cala Conta is well known with all ages and will in general draw in an exceptionally multicultural group.

Cala Conta Ibiza

There are two fundamental inlets here, one upheld by a rough, rough shore, the other by pleasant sand ridges.

Regular Magnificence

It's no misrepresentation to say that words can scarcely do equity to the wonderful, regular excellence looking for you at Cala Conta.

Shining completely clear turquoise waters and thick white sand. Also the all encompassing perspectives on the islets of Es Bosc, Sa Conillera, Ses Bledes and S'Espartar.

We're talking picture-postcard flawlessness.

Lofty natural honor

Cala Conta Ibiza

The transparent ocean at Cala Conta is ideally suited for swimming and plunging with a lot of brilliant marine life to be tracked down in the rough regions. The shallow waters make for safe washing, particularly for the little ones, however know that there are serious areas of strength for extremely here so it isn't prudent to swim in the untamed ocean.

With incredible offices, including hammocks, parasols, pedalos, showers, latrines, lifeguards on the job and access for the handicapped - also the cool bars and cafés - Cala Conta has every one of the cases ticked for an ideal yacht rental Ibiza ocean side day.

In 2010, Cala Conta became one of Ibiza's 15 sea shores to be granted a renowned Blue Banner, implying that it fulfills the rigid guidelines of the Establishment for Natural Training (Expense).

Dazzling dusks

Ibiza boat trip at dusk

Of course, this always well known ocean side gets exceptionally bustling in the mid year so the best times to show up before the expected time morning or later in the early evening.

Furthermore, later in the early evening would be our best idea.

For what reason do we say this?

Since not exclusively is Cala Conta one of the coolest sea shores in yacht rental Ibiza, it is likewise one of the most mind-blowing spots to get one of the island's renowned dusks.

Furthermore, that, women and gentlemen, is a surefire ideal finish to an ideal day.

Best places to eat at Cala Conta

Dusk Ashram

Missing the famous Nightfall Ashram, roosted for all intents and purposes on the most noteworthy point between Cala Conta's two primary coves is unimaginable.

This raised position bears the cost of the most stupendous perspectives on this amazingly gorgeous cove completely as you can find in the video above.

Furthermore, as its name suggests, Nightfall Ashram is frequently thought of (among those in the loop) as conceivably the best spot to get an yacht rental Ibiza dusk. With the spotlight here a lot of on interfacing with nature (for sure, the actual eatery looks like it naturally rose up out of the bluff beneath it, currently full grown), it is more an instance of feeling, instead of simply watching, that supernatural second when the sun sinks into the ocean.

In the event that you're into photography, you'll be paradise during brilliant hour.

cala conta dusk ashram


Music likewise has a major impact in making the laid-back, bohemian energy that Dusk Ashram is celebrated for. Occupant DJs are behind the decks during the day with famous neighborhood visitor DJs giving the soundtrack to the dusk meetings.

The café's broad menu includes a fascinating and creative scope of Mediterranean, Indian and Japanese food. There is a different menu for daytime and night eating, with the two menus catering great for veggie lovers and vegetarians.

Truly, modest, it ain't. Yet, we say for the entire experience, the energy and the general yumminess, it is certainly worth each penny.

The way that there is seldom a free table to be found in the spot would appear to substantiate that and, thusly, reserving in a lot of time on 0034 661 34 72 22 is significant.

TIP: Assuming you are aching for that carefree and classy yacht rental Ibiza "look", you will need to look at the ocean side shop here. This is where you will find all the best Boho manifestations. Once more, not modest, however totally 100 percent right on the money!

Restaurante S'illa d'es Bosc

Cala Conta Ibiza

Deciphering as "the woods island" Restaurante S'illa d'es Bosc is named after the island that lies before it.

This is a definitely more customary eatery than Nightfall Ashram serving chiefly normal Spanish food and nearby Ibiza dishes.

Spend significant time in new fish, rice and Paella, S'illa d'es Bosc flaunts a broad and changed menu with some vegan choices.

What's more, we guarantee it that their home-made sweets are incredible!

This is one more remarkable spot to take in those wide all encompassing perspectives on the west shore of Ibiza with the pleasant islets specked in the shimmering ocean.

Open consistently for the rest of October from 12.00 - 16.00, then, at that point, 19.00 - 23.00, S'illa d'es Bosc is warm and cordial and totally ideal for all the family.

They want to offer their clients, large numbers of them companions, a warm and refined food in beautiful environmental factors.

An objective which they have obviously accomplished with ringers on.

Restaurante Ses Roques

Cala Conta Ibiza

It's one more Cala Conta café in a dazzling area, people!

Restaurante Ses Roques is one of the most heartfelt cafés on Ibiza, we'll have you know. To such an extent that it is a famous decision of setting for wedding festivities.

With continuous perspectives on the extreme turquoise blue shore, and the islets of Es Bosc and Sa Conillera enjoying the good life before the patio, Ses Roques has an exquisite loosened up vibe with warm and well disposed help.

The boundless menu depends on veritable Mediterranean items and the eatery values utilizing just those of the greatest quality.

Ses Roques has practical experience in legitimate Ibiza fish dishes, like Paella and Bullit de Peix (a unimaginably flavorful fish stew) however there is a gigantic assortment of decision accessible. Everything from meats and stews, fish and new fish, rice and mixed greens and, obviously, a lot of scrumptious treats.

Gracious, and a really noteworthy wine/champagne list, as well.

Ensure you book your table ahead of time by calling 0034 971 80 60 50

Cool spots to visit close to Cala Conta

Cala Contita

Cala contita or cala escondida ibiza

Cala Contita is Cala Conta's younger sibling ocean side.

Furthermore, accept us when we say she's a lot of the wild and free younger sibling!

Stroll along the precipice top at Cala Conta traveling south and look out for a stone advances that breeze their direction down to the brilliantly beautiful cove of Cala Contita.

Pure regular excellence, extraordinary Caribbean-like ocean and a chilled as far as possible hippy/rasta vibe where nudey sunbathing is the standard.