Atlantis Ibiza | top spots to visit by boat

Atlantis Ibiza | top spots to visit by boat

Atlantis Ibiza? Wasn't Atlantis expected to be, indeed, in the Atlantic?! Turns out it depends who you ask, women and gentlemen.

Situated toward the south-west of yacht rental Ibiza, Atlantis, officially known as Pedrera de Cala D'Hort, is a rough bay directly before that unbelievable Ibiza milestone, Es Vedra, supposed (among other different areas) to be the tip of the legendary lost mainland of Atlantis.

The bay of Atlantis is where the stone used to construct Dalt Vila was quarried, back in the antiquated fogs of time. As the stone was quarried, odd looking mathematical molded pits were made, which throughout the long term, turned out to be brimming with seawater. The outcome? A characteristic spa, dear peruser, civility of the life-giving force of earth and a lot of anonymous, yet much appreciated, old stonemasons.

Tidal ponds

There are a few tidal ponds at Atlantis. Some resemble a hot shower as the new seawater is warmed by both the sun and the limestone rocks. Others, with more shade, are somewhat cooler, yet at the same time scrumptiously warm. They all skin-tinglingly diverge from the a lot cooler ocean temperature. The water in the tidal ponds is pale turquoise, completely clear and there are a few extraordinary precipice hopping spots. The straightforwardness of the encompassing ocean and nature of swimming is unrivaled.


Beside the odd, hollowed, mathematical, moon-like appearance of Atlantis and her fantastic tidal ponds, you'll likewise track down bunches of surprising examples and images cut into the stones. Besides numerous secretive little heaps of stones, slyly organized into stacks. There is a lot of conflict about these heaps of stones and what they mean. Our number one hypothesis is that they are contributions for the Sun God, Baal, authentic accomplice of Tanit, goddess of the moon.

The goddess of Ibiza: Tanit

Tanit, when portrayed cleverly as a 'great time young lady with a firearm' was the Carthaginian goddess of the moon and was pronounced the defender goddess of yacht rental Ibiza, when the Carthaginian realm supplanted that of the Phoenicians, around 600BC. A sanctuary was worked for her, on the site of the ongoing house of prayer, utilizing rock quarried from Atlantis.

It's expressed that in antiquated days, in the event that you needed support from Tanit, what to do was to go to Atlantis at the hour of the full moon. The practice was to move for Tanit (likewise the goddess of dance) and leave a contribution for her, alongside your solicitation for help. It's likewise said that Ibiza's agnostic roots are right up 'til now, perfectly healthy and that occasionally, at the full moon, outlines of ceremonial moves to Tanit can in any case be seen.


On the off chance that you're up for a precarious move up the sand ridges, you'll likewise find the renowned 'Buddha cave,' a characteristic haven painted carefully with a picture of the Buddha a while back, back in Ibiza's radical prime of the 1960s and 70s.

We're talking Enormous with a capital 'C' dear peruser.

Thus, in the event that you might want to visit a tad of Ibiza's old culture, while partaking in your Ibiza boat sanction, we suggest heading for Atlantis. In spite of the fact that you can get to Atlantis by walking, it's quite hard going. Think basically a half-hour sliding and scrambling down the mountain and a challenging, least 45-minute move back up. There are zero offices thus you'd have to take all necessities on your back. An undertaking? Indeed. A perseverance test? Moreover! Besides it's in no way, shape or form simple to find.

Atlantis Ibiza

Do it by boat!

We express go by boat, m'hearties! Assuming you want any seriously persuading, look at the ace audit by our companions in the Ibiza Spotlight clubbing group when we visited there the month before.

Particularly since perhaps of the most widely recognized question that surfaces when you beautiful individuals contract a boat or yacht with us to investigate Ibiza is:

Where could the most astonishing spots to visit be?

An unavoidable issue. With many responses. Where your boat is secured, alongside the climate and the predominant breezes, will, obviously, impact the best course to take. In any case, assuming that your boat is secured in San Antonio (Sunseeker Camargue, Rinker, Ocean doo, Sunseeker Comanche, Chaparral) and the breeze isn't restrictive, then, at that point, we generously prescribe an excursion to Atlantis, that generally puzzling and entrancing of famous Ibiza areas.

Atlantis Ibiza | the genuine article

Did we specify that Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, Cala Tarida and Cala D'hort are all on the way? Look at it women and gentlemen. The genuine yacht rental Ibiza looks for you.