Actress Mollie Winnard (Kayla from Corrie) takes a spin on a 49′ Sunseeker yacht in Ibiza

Actress Mollie Winnard (Kayla from Corrie) takes a spin on a 49′ Sunseeker yacht in Ibiza

With yacht rental Ibiza's rising status as a 5-star objective, we weren't by any stretch shocked to hear that an organization work in astonishing contests was wanting to offer the momma, everything being equal, to occur here, on the island. Furthermore, no less than one piece of that prize would have been an extravagance boat contract, gracious yes!

Once in a blue moon prizes | available to all

5 Star Giveaways is a fresh out of the box new web-based organization who offer truly inconceivable, elite awards through their site. Think Rolex watches, extravagance occasions with every one of the decorations, Chanel purses, that somewhat thing.

Normally, the UK based group needed to emerge on one of our smooth yachts to shoot some secret film and as it would turn out, our 49′ Sunseeker Portofino was newly refitted and good to go, yeh child!

VIP mariner | Mollie Winnard

To help advance their long awaited (and destined to be declared) 2019 Ibiza yacht rental contest, the 5 Star Giveaway group had enrolled the assistance of UK entertainer Mollie Winnard, generally as of late known for playing Kayla in Royal celebration Road the previous summer, in a nerve racking storyline that saw her screen father detained and her personality seize the all around crushed misuse casualty, Bethany Platt. Here is Mollie in real life.

Indeed, in the wake of seeing that, we were each of the a bit apprehensive, particularly Skipper Paul, who really gets seized once in a while - 'by overeager hen parties,' he demands 😉

Skipper's off-putting stories to the side, our nerves were totally outlandish. Mollie shook up with an exquisite grin, a gleam in her demeanor and dapper spring in her step. Not threatening by any means.


You can look at Mollie's Instagram page here.

Presently, as usual, we can't inform you particularly regarding the actual outing, women and gentlemen. What occurs on the boat, stays on the boat…

Spritzers and Cava for informal breakfast

We can uncover that both chilled cava and rosé wine spritzers highlighted toward the beginning of the day's features and were joyfully assimilated by, ahem, a couple of us. However, it WAS essentially informal breakfast when we set off. Which is impeccably enlightened for Ibiza, correct?

We might have spent some time chillin' in the turquoise sound of Sol d'en Serra, in the wake of traveling north along the east coast from Marina Botafoc where the Portofino is secured…

Regardless, a glorious time was had by all, look at our pics <3

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